Hello everybody!

I'm Nicolas Plaire, and I've got supa-dupa-powa with After Effects, on a good learning curve with Cinema 4D, pretty confident editing stuff with Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, quite awesome with Photoshop and Illustrator. And not to forget, a bit of Realflow with some matchmoving including PFTrack on top of it. I'm also quite reliable with Flash and Dreamweaver when it comes to make the web pop.

I'm currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand and I'm available for some Freelance work.
EMAIL: nicolas@nicolasplaire.com
PHONE: +64 (0)210//24//32//107
VIMEO: www.vimeo.com/nikko
BLOG: Nobody's Perfect (in French)


Showreel '08

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Live Below the Line New Zealand Promo

With Bertrand Remaut, we were asked to shoot a promo for the New Zealand edition of Live Below the Line. We had a lot of fun trying to find playful ways to create an exciting promo with cool transitions.

Prisoners of Ice

This one was a long run. I actually placed two Lego Minifigures in the freezer compartment of my fridge and waited a few month for them to be covered in ice. Then I shot the defrosting process in timelapse. I also used some camera mapping techniques for the final sequence with the old photos.

The King of Hearts

I wanted to have a go at CG character animation. The idea was design, rig and animate a CG character and then insert it into some live action footage.

Nobody's 1000

To celebrate the 1000th post on my blog about motion graphics and animation, I created this piece where I collected and turned into abstract ASCII Art my favourite videos I talked about in the blog. The idea behind the design was to create a computer system similar to the one we see in 80's science fiction movies like Alien or Blade Runner. Trying to recreate a sort "future-past" design, when technology needed to create the sense of the future was bound to the early days of the digital era and now completely obsolete but still carrying a lot of charm and coolness.

Bonus Bonds - My Bonus Bonds

Thanks to my work at Zoomslide on Testlab, I landed that gig at Flying Fish for a similar idea: designing and animating a futuristic computer interface for a TVC. This was for ANZ's Bonus Bonds. I also designed the onset screens [which was pretty much a last minute requirement]. The TVC was directed by Gary John and produced by Penny Hall.

Pop Up Book Tutorial

I spent quite some time to figure out how to create that effect properly. Hint: it involves a lot of trigonometry. If you want to learn how, I suggest you try to follow the awesome tutorial I did at AE Tuts Plus.
You can also have a look at three different examples I created for this tutorial by clicking on each of the three thumbnails. I used using the same artwork for the three pieces. I was not happy with the camera move of the first one, so I created another one. And the third is an entry for a contest for the French motion designer, Mattrunks.

Smart Vent tvc

After helping my friends at Waxeye on a string of corporate videos, I had the chance to work with them again on a TVC for a home ventilation system called Smart Vent. Most of the elements were shot as separate plates and I came on board to help them put everything together in After Effects. I worked on the first ten seconds and it was a really fun experience.

The Checks - Ballroom Baby

Through my friends at The Darkroom, I got this job helping director Ben Rood on a few shots on his video for kiwi band The Checks. It was a fairly simple and straightforward job, tracking the eyes of the animals in the footage Ben has shot and putting on cut out parts of the band's faces. And the song is absolutly terrific too!

Dictaphone Blues - You Put it in Me

Director Jensen Downes asked me to come up with some motion graphics for this music video for the New Zealand based band Dictaphone Blues. I already worked with them on the final shot of a previous music video for another kiwi band, The Gasoline Cowboys. It was a shot inspired by the Planet of the Apes and can be seen in my showreel. This time, I had way more graphic design to produce, inspired by another 1968 sci-fi film, the "proverbial good science-fiction movie", 2001: A Space Odyssey. More than 40 years ago, even the colorful sequence at the end was considered groundbreaking. With today's techniques, it's much easier to create. Us graphic designers have it too easy.

Night Lights with Telecom

I was called in at The Darkroom to help them on live projection project they had for the rebranding of Telecom, a New Zealand telecom company. I worked on the growing tree sequence. It's very basic After Effects animation, but being able to watch work I've worked on being projected on this big beautiful building downtown Auckland was a real treat. I came down with my old DV camera to get as many angle as possible (the animation was on a loop from 8.30pm until midnight for 5 nights) and I edited them together.

Paper Music

This video is an example for a tutorial I made in order to recreate something similar to 'My Paper Mind' by Javan Ivey in After Effects rather than in stop-motion. So I created tihis 30 seconds promo for my friend Khoral whom I regularly work with.
Update: Check out Paper Music Mark II, now with a real stop motion look.

Update 2: The tutorial has made its way up to the AETuts website. Check it out if you want to learn cool techniques with After Effects.

The Traveller's Empire

A short film currently in the writing/design process. I hope to be able to shoot it on RED in the next 6 month. It'll be mainly a green screen shoot with lots graphic design. I'll also launch two websites for promotional purposes: the film's website thetravellersempire.com and a (hopefully) viral website wemakespaceasmallerplace.com. I'll keep posting images and sketches here.

Diesel Testlab

For my short return to Zoomslide I had to create, composite and animate a Minority Report-like computer interface. The video was shot in HD by Mark Summerville who previously directed the second Misfits of Science music video I worked on.
It was probably the coolest job I ever worked on. Just imagining everything that could happen with this virtual computer was really fun. Too bad I don't have the complete video to showcase. Update: now with video! Although it's not the whole thing, here you have 2 of the four experiments of the promo Just click on the first image to see the video. I worked on this one with Hitesh Chheda who was supervising the post production and had all the pressure and Aly Crone, whom I worked with on the Misfits jobs as well.

The Interview

A short film shot at Zoomslide with Carla Brereton and Blake Henshaw.

Rainbows in Motion

A labour of love I did for no money and during spare time. The video tells the story of how light and color overcome the world of darkness and black and white. Until eventually burning it up. Features the music of my good friend Khoral.

The film is featured in the issue 164 of Computer Arts released on July 3 2009.

Misfits of Science - Can't Leave You Alone

Directed by Mark Summerville. Role: Editor/Designer/Animator

L'Empire suédé contre-attaque

This film was made as part of an online contest revolving around Michel Gondry's film 'Be Kind, Rewind'.

MTV - Sobe Ident & Donut

Pure Rush Around the World

Misfits of Science - Mama I'm a Misfit

Co-directed with Blake Henshaw.

Khoral - Special Attraction

The Mouth Buster

Co-directed with Christophe Chenallet

Khoral - Roadmap for the Bugs

Bodies at Work

Khoral - Life Among the Spiders

Co-directed with Khoral